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Services Offered


A Standard Home Inspection is performed by a Certified Inspector for real estate transactions. I inspect to InterNACHI Standards of Practice 

and abide to their Code of Ethics. I spend between 2-4 hours on site, depending on the size and condition of the property. I pride myself in representing YOU, the buyer, and nobody else. Easy to read reports are delivered within 24 hours.


Getting a PRE-LISTING evaluation of your home can help you set the best price, and justify your price to buyers and their agents. You’ll be able to decide, in your own time, whether to make certain upgrades or repairs to get the best return on your investment. Perhaps most importantly, this knowledge can help you avoid late-stage surprises that can jeopardize your sale.


Radon is an odorless invisible gas that could be in the soil beneath your house and is the leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers. 

Radon gas is formed when uranium in the earth's bedrock breaks down and seeps upwards through the soil. Radon can enter a house through the basement and it can go undetected unless tested.

If radon levels are above the threshold set by the CDC then the installation of a radon mitigation system by a mitigation professional would be recommended to mitigate the risk.

Testing requires leaving two radon detectors at the lowest level of the house for 48 hours. The detectors will then be sent to a lab for analysis and results will be received in approximately 7 days. 

NOTE: Due to the slow down in service by the USPS due to the coronavirus results may take a little longer.

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